Two electric Corvettes with different styles are racing to market in 2025


The moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here. However, instead of just one electric Corvette, you will have two entirely different styles to choose from starting in 2025.

General Motors is diving head first into electric vehicles, promising to offer an “EV for everyone” with SUVs, luxury, crossovers, and pickup trucks. But what about the performance enthusiasts?

Chevrolet is expected to play a significant role in the company’s transition, yet there’s been little talk of an electric Corvette, at least from the automaker itself.

President Biden himself drives a 1967 Corvette, a gift from his father, who ran a Chevy dealership for several years. He claimed in 2021, “When they make the first electric Corvette, I get to drive it.”

His wish may soon become a reality. In April, GM President Mark Reuss spilled the tea, announcing:

We will offer an electrified and a fully electric, Ultium-based Corvette in the future.

GM’s Ultium platform allows enhanced shape, stance, and engineering flexibility. Engineers behind the architecture designed it for a range of model sizes, styles, shapes, and performance capabilities with up to 800V battery pack and 350 kW fast charging capability.

However, new information suggests GM’s Corvette will not only get a fully electric version, but it will also get its own brand with different styles and models.

Two different electric Corvette styles expected in 2025

According to sources from within the GM Tech Center who spoke with Car and Driver, the first electric Corvette proposals are “copies of nothing,” adding:

Corvette is not just a brand. It’s a constantly evolving system paired with a dramatically different user experience.

The first two styles from the Corvette brand will include a four-door coupe and a crossover. (Still no sports car?) However, the models will help carry the Corvette name into the future. The sources continued to explain:

The aim is not to beat Taycan and Cayenne at their own game but to create three American legends capable of breaking new ground by making the essence of Corvette scalable. To do so, that essence must at all times be in a state of progressive flux.

Electrek’s Take

An electric Corvette sports car is an intriguing idea with instant torque, but it looks like we will have to wait a little longer for that one. On the bright side, Corvette enthusiasts will have several new styles to choose from when they hit the market.

However, we have said it before, launching in 2025 may be a little too late. With several high-profile EV releases in the next few years, it makes sense that GM is waiting, especially with the crossover.

A four-door Corvette could be a hit for GM at the right price point, but again, waiting until 2025 may be costly. What do you guys think? Leave us your thoughts below.

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