First look at Tesla’s first V4 Supercharger station


Today, we get our first real look at Tesla’s first V4 Supercharger station – ushering in a new era for the DC fast-charging station.

Last year, we reported on Tesla’s Supercharger V4 design being revealed in the plans for a new station. Tesla is believed to be ramping up production of the new charger in order to start deployment soon. The new charger is expected to feature the potential for a higher charge rate (which is currently capped at 250 kW for the Supercharger V3) and a solution to allow CCS charging for non-Tesla electric vehicles.

The CCS solution was later revealed to be the Magic Dock. Thus far, we have only seen it deployed on Supercharger V3 stations, and the V4 had yet to show its face until earlier this month.

We reported that Tesla started to deploy its first known Supercharger V4 station in the Netherlands. However, the station was still covered at the time.

Now Tesla is almost done putting the Supercharger station together and has unveiled the stalls:

Tesla has reportedly confirmed that that station is going to open later this month. It’s the first time we get a look at the Supercharger V4 stall without it being covered or opened:

As expected, the stall is much taller than the previous generation, which allows Tesla to install the cable higher up – leading to a longer overall cable.

A longer cable is going to be particularly useful as more non-Tesla vehicles start to use the Supercharger network, as not every electric car has a charge port in the same place that Teslas do.

This is likely what Supercharger stations are going to look like for many years to come. However, there’s still a lot we don’t know about Supercharger V4.

Now with the first station being deployed, we should soon learn more details about the new station, especially about the potential higher capacity of Supercharger V4. With the previous generation, Tesla sent out a rare press release to announce the deployment. We might see the same with Supercharger V4 in the coming days.

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