BBC licence fee: Govt ‘concerned at very high level’ of planned rise – to make announcement ‘very soon’


Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer has said she is concerned the planned 9% rise in the BBC licence fee is “very high” and that the BBC must remain “value for money”.

Ms Frazer said the government wanted to ensure the licence fee rises by an “appropriate amount” amid the ongoing cost of living crisis.

The licence fee is currently £159 per year but is due to increase by 9% or £15 to £173.30 in April.

Asked by Sky News’s Kay Burley whether the planned rise would not happen due to the government’s concerns, Ms Frazer replied: “I’m concerned that that’s a very high level.

“It’s a decision that I’m looking at the moment and we’ll be making an announcement on this very shortly.”

Pressed again on whether the rise would not go ahead, Ms Frazer replied: “Well, I’m concerned about that level of rise. So it’s something that we’re looking at very carefully.”

Ms Frazer said that although she believed the BBC provided a “fantastic service” and was an “amazing tool for soft power”, the “media landscape is changing” and the licence fee must be “fair to people”.

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She said 400,000 people did not renew their licence fees last year and that’s why I’m also doing a broader review on the licence fee in the round and how we should fund the BBC.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told reporters over the weekend that the BBC should be “realistic about what it can expect people to pay at a time like this”.

“I think it is welcome that the BBC are looking at making savings and efficiencies in how they operate,” he said.

“It’s really important that when things are difficult everyone is doing what they can to ease the cost of living on families.

“That’s certainly what I have done over the last year and made a bunch of decisions that haven’t been easy, but that’s helped to bring inflation down to ease the burden and the cost of living.

“The BBC like any other organisation that serves the public should be looking to do that and cut its cloth appropriately so I think that is very welcome.

“I think going forward, look the BBC – final decisions haven’t been obviously – but the BBC should be realistic about what it can expect people to pay at a time like this.”

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