Mercedes added to NACS ‘coming soon’ page as Tesla slows rollout


Tesla’s NACS support webpage now lists Mercedes along other automakers in its “coming soon” section, though the timeline for Supercharger support has been pushed back for other automakers as Tesla sorts through a chaotic reorganization of its charging team at the behest of CEO Elon Musk.

Pretty much the entire industry is onboard with NACS at this point, the new charging standard first advanced by Tesla and then certified by SAE as “J3400.”

NACS/J3400 uses the same connector that Tesla vehicles have been using for years now, and the standardization of the connector stands to make EV charging much simpler. It also has some big technical benefits that will solve a lot of the problems with EV charging.

Over the course of this year and next, virtually every manufacturer is in the process of transitioning its cars over to use the NACS standard. Most manufacturers will still use the old CCS standard as receptacles on their vehicles, but offer adapters at some point over the course of this year.

As those adapters roll out, Tesla will open up its Supercharger network to vehicles from each manufacturer, allowing them to charge on Superchargers, which are considered the gold standard EV charging network in North America.

Currently, Ford and Rivian are in the process of shipping adapters to customers, and their vehicles can use Tesla’s Supercharger network. Other EVs can also charge on Superchargers with Tesla’s “Magic Dock” adapter, though there aren’t many of those and deployment is likely to focus on NACS from here on out.

There are four other manufacturers listed as “coming soon” on Tesla’s NACS webpage. General Motors, Volvo and Polestar have been listed on there for months now, but today, Mercedes-Benz was added to the list.

However, prior to today, the “coming soon” section actually said “coming Spring 2024.” GM, Volvo and Polestar were expected to have access to Superchargers during this season. But with the season having ended four days ago, that deadline has passed.

Now, instead of listing a season, Tesla merely says “coming soon” for all upcoming manufacturers.

The delay is likely related to Musk’s recent abrupt firing of the entire supercharger team. This team, formerly led by Rebecca Tinucci – who was instrumental in negotiating the industry’s shift to NACS – was heading up discussions with other manufacturers and their adoption of the NACS standard. When the entire team was fired, that meant these discussions were delayed as other manufacturers’ contacts within Tesla were suddenly absent. (Related: Read the wild email Tesla is sending to suppliers amid Supercharger chaos)

Tesla has since started rehiring some Supercharger workers, and presumably this has allowed some progress to start being made on NACS adoption again. Ford’s adapter-shipping process has also been delayed, likely also due to Tesla’s Supercharger team chaos.

So, hopefully this means that announcements might be imminent for the companies that had been scheduled for Spring. And, with Mercedes added to the list, this means that Mercedes owners can expect Supercharging to happen “soon™” – though don’t hold your breath, because a wait of several months seems likely.

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